Published On 24 Jul, 2020

Top 10 WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Should Know

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Top 10 Wordpress Plugins Every Blogger Should Know

If you are a blog website owner, you probably know about this piece of software. A WordPress plugin adds a new feature to your site or extends its functionality. Even so, with more than 50,000 of these plugins available, you might wonder; which ones are the best for me? How do you know the original, legit, and ideal ones for your job? In this blog, I’m going to provide a list of Top 10 WordPress Plugins that you should know. Read on please to find out more.

Ranked: Top 10 WordPress Plugins

1) Jetpack

This is a perfect plugin with a combination of performance, potent management tools, and website security. This way, your site gets to generate much traffic. It comes with in-built SEO to promote ranking. There is a free version of Jetpack that contains 35 modules like infinite scroll, custom CSS, Google Analytics, and many others. The premium version has added features like downtime monitoring and daily automated backup. Its key features include:

  • Safeguarding your website using code scanning and malware.
  • Examining the spelling, grammatical errors, and style of your content
  • Analyzing your website’s overall performance courtesy of the analytic tools
  • Offers assistance in interacting with visitors through social sharing, a contact form, and advanced commenting

2) Yoast SEO 

As the name suggests, this is a perfect SEO plugin that’s meant to assist you in marketing quality, search optimized content. It has an indicator system that’s traffic light-like used to demonstrate how your content will do with search engines. Several factors, like keyword density, key phrase distribution, and focus keyword, influence the system. The green light indicates full SEO optimization for the content, yellow shows need for more optimization, and red signifies poorly optimized work. Core features include

  • Establishing XML sitemaps
  • Updating page results if proper SEO alterations are made
  • Analyzing the site pages and posts; also recognizes SEO weaknesses.
  • Formation of SEO breadcrumbs on compatible WordPress theme

3) UpdraftPlus

This plugin gives you the best backup opportunities to enable you to retrieve your vital files even if something goes wrong with your website. You can make automatic hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly backups right from the dashboard of your WordPress. These files can be backed up to any of the storage options available, like Dropbox or Google Drive. There’s a choice for the free version, or you can obtain the premium one. Here are the key features of UpdraftPlus:

  • Offers an automated backup
  • Enables saving your files to appropriate storage platforms
  • Easy retrieval of backed up files using only one click

4) NextGEN Gallery

Why would you miss this smooth visuals plugin? It will convert your gallery into a media organization system with plenty of perks like photo effects, numerous albums creation, and thumbnail editing. The pro version contains more options. Its significant features are:

  • Providing a highly-customizable two album technique
  • Offering three free exclusive gallery designs containing broad customizations
  • Altering the default gallery to form a potent media management tool useful in arranging, adding, or removing multiple pictures.

5) Wordfence Security

This plugin is a security scanner meant to safeguard your site from spam, malware, and other harmful online threats. Its Threat Defense Feed will recognize and block malicious traffic. Your website also gets protected from external invaders by preventing login attempts. It will allow you to enforce strong passwords. The payment plan for this tool will provide additional security by instituting an IP blacklist and an option for country-blocking. Main features are:

  • Assessing your website for any security problems
  • It scrutinizes the site through a firewall, live traffic defense tool, and security scanner.
  • Identifying and blocking online dangers like malicious files and malware

6) OptinMonster

This is a viable resolution to lead generation. It possesses highly performing in-built templates that can turn visitors into users and leads. The proper types like the floating bar, lightbox popup, or full-screen welcome mat can easily attract your audience’s attention. It also has a powerful engine for targeting and segmentation. This can help you show each visitor a personalized message according to their location, site page, or referral source. Below are the key features:

  • Onsite campaigns for follow-ups on your visitors depending on their interactions
  • Onsite retargeting. Make unique offers to aim at repeat users based on their earlier relations with the site
  • Recovery of visitors who have abandoned the site into leads by displaying personalized campaigns on time when they’re almost leaving
  • Retargeting for cookies by forming custom ones based on users’ demographics information like location, gender, and age.

7) Easy Social Sharing

Easy Social Sharing is one of the Top 10 WordPress Plugins. This plugin allows your audience to share the web’s content in their social media networks, up to 18 of them. It’s a must-have one as it can help you increase your customer reach. Its design is complementary to any device, and it has an aligned layout for adding the share button at the top or bottom of posts or both. The key features are:

  • You can pick from the six design layouts
  • A preview of the sharing design at the backend
  • Easy to use settings with an intuitive panel
  • A hovering sidebar layout fixed to the screen edge
  • Counts to show the share numbers from social media

8) Akismet

This is the anti-spam solution you can ever obtain for your WordPress. Spams are website contaminators via the comments from users. That’s why Akismet will automatically scrutinize all the comments to check if there’s any harmful content. Using it provides room for spam omission from the website. Its basic features include:

  • Performs very fast thus saving time
  • Allows for secure backing and restore process
  • Contains feature that blocks the worst spam
  • You can view the totals of spam comments from every user

9) User Registration

This is designed to add new user registration or logins. That enhances the interaction between you and the users. When they log in, they can find more information from the website and also get notified based on their details via emails. This plugin can help you create numerous registration forms without language problems as it’s ultimately translation ready. Key features are:

  • Several design styles for forms
  • Auto-login after registering
  • Dashboard access based on assigned roles
  • Admin authorization for registration

10) WpDiscuz

This is another beautiful plugin that enhances your interaction with the audience. It allows you to create a comment section where the readers can post their reactions about your blogs, whether or not they liked them. Their doing helps you gauge how you’re performing and discern where you need to improve. The plugin is fast, responsive, and packed with many exciting features which include:

  • Ability to enable or disable comments based on your content
  • Complete incorporation with social media login systems
  • Anonymous commenting
  • Various date set-up for the comments
  • Clear, responsive, and fast design
  • Sorting for comment list like for newest, oldest, most viewed, and more
  • Multilevel threads for detailed discussions where the readers can reply to others comments

Final Thoughts

As a blogger, you need to get the best out of your work. Everything about web blogging has been made easy today. There are a variety of tools you can obtain for the betterment of your websites. WordPress plugins are among the essential items you require. This blog has discussed some of the best plugins you might consider acquiring. There are several others not covered. Feel free to do further research on others and find out which one suits your needs. We hope the Top 10 WordPress Plugins blog helps you.

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