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About Lokesh Katagani

Hey Folks! Have you ever dreamed to earn money online blogging? If the query gets raised at me, my answer will surely be ‘Yes’. There exists a diverse opportunity under the domain making you earn even millions of dollars. The secret behind getting success is mastering the secret and proceed flawlessly.

Hi, I am Lokesh Katagani a professional digital marketer, and blogger belonging to the smallest town in Andhra Pradesh (India).

During the tenure of my days being a Chartered Accountant student, I was passionate enough towards the field of making a rewarding career as a digital marketer. The passion achieved the golden wings of success letting me build and execute niches of monetized websites. More than the above, all my online portals influenced the young and aspiring digital marketers to take a chance and dive deeper to achieve success.

Continuing to achieve the milestone under the domain, I pursued a digital marketing course during the year 2016. The course taught me the future career prospects and made me learn the core to advance technicalities for continuous development. Being passionate enough, my decision made me leave the nicely career of Chartered Accountant and dive deeper into the rewarding career of digital marketing and blogging. At present, most of my blogs are under execution and making me earn a handsome sum of amount consistently. One of my current companies has increased by about 150% more traffic and 60% of revenue recently.

About BloggerAdvise

Welcome to the aspiring and digital marketing knowledge building blog titled bloggersadvise.com. The blog inclines towards strengthening the core and advance digital marketing concepts including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) secrets. The prime motto behind building this iconic platform is to make you free from the traditional job schedules and let you earn a decent sum of amount via Blogging or Affiliate Marketing. Being associated with me, you will master the hidden secrets behind developing the revenue-generating blogs/ websites, bringing traffic, and generate a handsome sum of money online. Above all, the aspiring individuals will feel guided enough via the step-by-step description in an easy to understand manner.

Just to let to aware, even millions of successful digital marketers and bloggers are there all across the world earning a decent sum of money from their blogs. Most of them are technically and professionally qualified to have the engineering and management kind of degrees. Still, they have decided to quit their high-paying full-time jobs and managed to earn a regular income from their blogs. Why not? The ultimate strategy is mastering the concepts, utilize them with in-depth effort, and start earning with proud. No more work pressure, and no more stress from your office boss. You are the sole management of your initiative to take it up to the extent of zenith.

Blogging Highlights

  • Fulfilled with inspiring blog posts and tutorials concerning SEO, blogging tips, and affiliate marketing.
  • Empowering the readers to develop a full-time decent earning source via online medium.
  • Proven and real strategies to earn money blogging and implementing SEO strategies.
  • Equipped with dedicated courses to earn real money online with an effective approach.
  • Includes everything from core to advance under the domains of SEO, Blogging, WordPress, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-Book Writing, Content Management, and several others.
  • Enriched with a dedicated community of similar blooded individuals letting the bloggers feel inspired.
  • Exceptionally developed Digital Marketing, Blogging, and YouTube tips for small businesses.
  • Focused to promote the freelancers and teaching them the proven ethics to earn millions of dollars.
  • Strategies for generating new clients via different freelancing platforms and social media networks.
  • Blog monetization strategies via different ad networks and affiliate marketing links.
  • Diverse availability of free and paid digital products in the digital marketing domain.

Above all, you will be guided about getting the customized domain name and web-hosting at cost-effective pricing. You will even be taught about the affiliate marketing strategies associated with digital products, e-commerce portals, and other famous platforms. Furthermore, you will learn about promoting them efficiently and make sales. Last, but not the least, the newbie as well as the experienced bloggers can experience the secrets of millions of dollars blogging by studying the blog. Get in touch, subscribe to the updates, and keep on reading the facts for getting consistent updates