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21 Ways to Increase Instant Website Traffic With & Without SEO

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21 ways to increase Instant Website Traffic

Do you need instant website traffic for free? You are also facing problem to get traffic on your website.

Be prepared, because in this blog we give you the best tips that will increase your organic traffic with and without SEO.

So let’s dive into it!

Most of the popular bloggers in the world like bloggingbasics101 are the following tips to generate traffic on website.

21 tips to increase website traffic fast:

Are you looking for “how to get traffic to your website fast”, these 21 proven tips help you to achieve your goal.

21 ways to increase Instant Website Traffic

1) Follow 20/80 rule

Most of the beginners will start a blog with the mindset, if i create more blog posts then i will Increase Instant Website Traffic

Trust me if your beginners then you should follow 20/80 rule.

It means that you spend 20% your time in creating the content and 80% in promoting your content. This is an easy and most popular formula to get organic traffic.

After getting a good amount of organic traffic to your website then you can spend more time creating content.

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2) Make your own niche Facebook Group

In the event that you don’t have your own Facebook group, at that point I’ll highly prescribe you to begin your own Facebook group. Because it can help you in the following ways:

  • It will help you to create brand awareness
  • To build an enormous crowd for your blog.
  • It’ll assist you with connecting a great many similarly invested individuals.
  • You can direct people to your blog from your Facebook bunch at whatever point you need.
  • You can even form your email list from your Facebook bunch by sharing any complimentary gift to your gathering individuals consequently of their email addresses.

3) Use best edited image thumbnail

As indicated by an exploration, in the event that your highlighted picture isn’t looking attractive, at that point just 20% of individuals will tap on your connection and read the article. In this way, it’s important to plan an appealing included picture to pull in individuals to peruse your article. This straightforward hack can assist you with getting massive traffic in your blog for free.

Do you know the picture is worth a thousand words – source Wikipedia

4) Two Commandments of Internal Linking

Internal linking means adding the link to another article in your blog. There are benefits of internal linking are:

internal links

Image source:

  1. SEO: Internal linking connections are the most ideal approach to get backlinks from your own site. Utilize legitimate anchor text while doing internal connecting and see the enchantment. It’ll improve your positioning and you’ll begin getting traffic from web crawlers like Google, Bing, and so on.
  2. Bounce Rate: Interior connections can assist you with taking guests starting with one page then onto the next. It implies that they will invest longer energy in your site which will assist you with decreasing the bounce rate and you’ll get free traffic from web search tools.

5) Use the well optimized Theme

It is the major and important factor that affects your blog traffic. In the event that your blog topic isn’t acceptable, at that point, it takes just 10 seconds for your blog per user to leave your blog and they never visit your blog again.

But if you use attractive themes then it attracts your viewers and they regularly visit your blog to learn something new.

Thousands of blogger’s website are using the following themes:

  • Genesis Theme (by StudioPress)
  • GeneratePress – Lightweight, Responsive WordPress Theme
  • Newspaper Theme (Our website is using the same theme)

6) Guest post

If you want to get Instant Website Traffic then you should start guest posting on other website. It will help you in many ways:

  • Do follow backlink: Visitor post can assist you with getting do-follow backlinks structure top locales. What’s more, as we as a whole realize that backlink is the most significant positioning variable. It implies that it’ll assist you with getting natural traffic to your site.
  • Referral Traffic: It’ll additionally assist you with getting some referral traffic from your visitor post. Along these lines, If you need to expand site traffic at that point must beginning doing visitor posts in the top online journals identified with your specialty.

7) Comment on other blog

This is another most ideal approach to get referral website traffic from different locales.

It is the least demanding approach to get backlinks from popular sites. Since you just need to remark on the famous sites.

At whatever point anybody taps on your name in the remark segment they will be diverted to your blog.

For this, you need to indicate your blog URL in Website Field accessible just beneath the remark box. You can likewise remark on this site to get Backlink.

Let’s listen to Matt Cutts views on comments on Blogs!

Tips to get more traffic to your website:

  • Utilize your own genuine profile pic on your Gravatar profile.
  • Try not to utilize your site name in the name area. Include your genuine name.
  • First, read the article at that point drop an important remark.
  • Try not to drop 1-2 line remark like “Amazing article, much obliged for sharing”, “Extraordinary article, Thanks for this wonderful article” and so forth.
  • Last however most significant hint don’t include joins in remark else it’ll be treated as spam.

These tips will assist you with making your article more appealing which can assist you with driving a decent measure of referral traffic to your site.

NOTE: Remember don’t share your blog URL legitimately in Comment box else, it will be treated as spam. Indicate your blog URL in Website Field which is beneath remark box.

8) Use exit intent popup

I energetically prescribe you to utilize leave aim popup, slide-in, or some other structure to catch the email address of your readers.

It’ll assist you with building your own crowd and you can direct people to your site at whatever point you need by sending an email.

9) Add social share button

These connections and buttons empower your site guests and content viewers to conveniently impart your content to their social media connections and systems. Adding these buttons to your content permits you to extend the span of your content to new crowds and produce new visitors back to your site.

Add social share button

You should include online networking sharing connections/buttons to each bit of substance you make, including presentation pages, website pages, singular blog articles, email content, and so on. The Tweet/Share Button, Facebook Like and Share Buttons, and LinkedIn Share Button (and then some) that we’ll cover in this article all fill in as online networking sharing buttons.

10) Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Groups have gotten especially well known starting late, and eCommerce business brands are taking advantage of the chance to engage in flourishing on the web networks.

Quest for bunches pertinent to your specialty, remain uninvolved and join discussions when you have an incentive to include. Much the same as with gatherings, it’s critical to abstain from being excessively special. Connections first, traffic second.

11) Quora

In the event that you need the gigantic measure of traffic for your blog, at that point, Quora is the best spot.

In Quora, you simply need to discover the inquiry identified with your blog entry and afterward offer the response to that question and finally, line shares your blog URL so that at whatever point anybody read your answer at that point finally line.

at the point when they’ll see your blog URL then quite possibly he visits your blog. It will give you at any rate 30,000+ online visits in one month.

12) Write More

Exploration shows that Google gives higher need to sites with new and longer content, so on the off chance that you need to get more traffic from the search engines, at that point compose a more drawn outpost.

It is the simplest method to get more traffic from internet searcher.

Keep in mind, Gooogle utilizes a very insightful framework so never attempt to duplicate other blog article content in any case, Google quits ordering your site.

13) At least one article per month

In the event that you don’t upload in any event one post each month in your blog then it will make your blog reader leave your blog and change to another blog which can diminish your normal blog traffic.

Along these lines, I propose you transfer in any event one wonderful article each week or month.

14) Upload Video With Post

This is the best strategy to pull in individuals to visit your blog over and over.

In the event that you transfer video toward the finish of your blog entry, at that point individuals more draw in towards your blog and may turn into the regular and subscriber of your blog.

15) Select proper heading

Heading Optimize

Heading assumes a significant job to get a huge measure of traffic for your blog.

Along these lines, consistently select that heading which draws in individuals to see your blog entry.

16) Optimize long-tail keywords

While numerous shorter keywords may come up in your keyword research, it’s imperative to likewise give specific consideration to the long tail keyword openings. Regularly, these keywords are more explicit. In that capacity, they normally have less search volume and, accordingly, less rivalry. That implies it’s not just simpler to rank for a significant long-tail keyword, but on the other hand it’s simpler to figure the searcher goal.

At the point when you make a site experience custom fitted to the searcher plan, you’re bound to convey the content that they’re searching for. This will help drive more organic search traffic to your site from a focused on gathering of clients.

17) Create a quiz with share result feature

The quiz is a successful lead generation tool to use in your content promoting mix the principle objective is website traffic. At the point when clients finish a test, they get shareable outcomes. They at that point post those outcomes via social media networking media and their systems can tap on the connection and take the test themselves. Utilize this strategy to drive Instant Website Traffic and develop your email list simultaneously.

18)  Try Youtube Marketing

You can expand traffic from YouTube by making YouTube promotions, adding links to your depiction, adding comment connects to your video, or by getting different YouTubers to share your connections on their recordings. By making another video at any rate once every week, reliably and as time goes on, you’ll have the option to drive more traffic back to your site.

Try Youtube Marketing

On the off chance that you don’t have a crowd of people yet, you can contact YouTubers with sizable crowds and request that they become partners or pay their charge. This could function admirably temporarily however it’s consistently a smart thought to attempt to work out your own channels to bring down your procurement costs

19) Engage in Email Marketing

With email showcasing, you’ll have the option to continue driving site traffic to your store as long as your clients remain bought in. With internet based life locales ceaselessly constraining your scope, email promoting is one of the main showcasing channels you can have unlimited authority over.

Building a rundown for email promoting can take quite a while, so it’s imperative to begin at the very first moment. You can assemble an email list by including Email Pirate, which adds select in structures to your site.

20) Use influencer marketing

  • Get influencers to highlight you in their email bulletins
  • Create associations with compelling bloggers so they talk about your image in their blog
  • Send items for nothing to influencers and welcome them to post a legitimate audit on their channels
  • Get included in influencer gather together articles
  • Notice influencers in your substance and offer the connections with them as a “Hello, I expounded on you!” — individuals love free press and may be eager to impart to their systems

21) Reach out to affiliates

Affiliate advertising works when organizations pay affiliates to advance their items. Affiliates acquire a level of income from each deal they refer to. Frequently, these businesses come through website traffic. Perhaps the member is a blogger or online life influencer who posts a connection with their referral or following code.

FAQ’s on 21 Ways to Increase Instant Website Traffic Without SEO

How to increase instant website traffic free?

Most of the above-listed tips are free of cost, these steps will help you to Increase Instant Website Traffic for free

How to increase website traffic fast?

Use the above listed proven tips to increase website traffic fastly.

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