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How to Make Money With a Blog (Complete Beginners Guide for 2020)

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How to Make Money With a Blog

The very first thing, you need to create and register your blog. If you have already completed those steps now follow along. Here we have listed a few important things on How to make money with a blog. So, you need to follow to generate good revenue from your site.make money with blog

You just can’t start earning from the very next day of your blogging journey. Daily traffics is needed to earn some money. Let’s focus on that first stage of creating the user database.

What are some money making blog ideas?

There is a variety of blogs. The common part is all of them can make money for you. The detailed discussion regarding money is in the below sections. Refer to them for more information.

Trendy and contemporary blog ideas always generate more money. But you might not be very passionate about that topic. Always go for something that excites you. Check for the competition for your blog niche. Higher competition means greater revenues. At the same time, you need to write really good content to beat your competitors.

Building the readership make money with a blog

The most challenging part is gaining readers. Only the occasional visitors won’t do. You need genuine readers who will come back to your blog every day. Only then they can be counted among the money-making list.

You need to make sure that the first time readers must return to your page. Only by them, you will have a good set of audience. The audiences that will help you generate the revenue.

The best way to stay in touch with them is by having them in your mailing list. Start collecting the email addresses from the very beginning. Experts say that the money is in that list. So try and create an email list of readers.

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When you visit a website, they often ask you to sign in using your email. This is the thing you need to apply. You can have the list of the readers now. After that, you may send them daily or weekly updates. This will ensure that they come back on your blog. This works as an invitation.

1) Ad networks: (Beginners)

After you build a nice and decent readership, you can proceed with the monetizing process. And the most used and promising way to do this is Advertisements. But there is a catch; brands will only give you the chance to advertise them when you have a good number of visitors daily. So again the reader’s base is important.

You can join Google offered AdSense for this. This is a great platform.

Google AdSense Screenshot

  • Once you complete the process of joining, you will be given a code.
  • All you need is to add that code to your blog.
  • Then the companies will automatically show advertisements on your blog.
  • After that, the ad visit and clicks will generate you money in your AdSense account.

The best thing about AdSense is there are thousands of brands. You have a great potential number of brands bidding for your blog. The rest of the process needs no work. A complete hands-free earning opportunity is provided.

If you are not making enough with this way, you should try moving to Affiliate Marketing

How much money I can earn as a blogger?

Each click on the advertisement by the readers will generate some revenue. Google collects all the payments and sends them to your google account. You can transfer it to your bank account anytime you want to. As you will get paid by reputable brands so the payments are very regular too.

The earning depends on few factors they are mainly:-

  • Visitor count: This is very obvious. The more people visit your blog, the chances of clicks increases. Visitor count plays the most vital role in making money from your blogs.
  • Visibility: When you add the code in your blog, you have the option to choose the type of ad you want to show. For instance, the ad could be an image, text, or both. You can also decide the area of your page where the ad will be placed. So the most prominent area of the blog would be the first choice for a higher number of ad clicks.
    But don’t forget that people visit your page so that they can see the content, not the advertisement. So before placing an ad, make sure it doesn’t hide your content. Otherwise, people might get frustrated and leave your page. A balance is needed to create a convenient experience for the readers.
  • Topic: The topic plays a crucial role here too. A greater number of visitors do generate more money. But few other things determine the overall valuation too. Let’s understand that with simple examples.

For instance, if you blog about any celebrity, chances are there will be mostly young visitors. They usually don’t spend a lot on the web. On the other hand, if you blog about various travel destinations then people from all age groups will visit. They have money to spend that’s why they are looking for vacations, right!

So the advertisement brands will be more benefitted from them. At the same time, they will pay you more so that you keep the good work.

  • Time: Earning money from blogs takes significant time and effort. All the money-making factors need dedication and hard-working hours to be developed. So you need to be patient and consistent with your work. There will be a breakthrough moment when you finally start making money, after that, all you need to do is focus on content only. The primary steps are many. No need to worry about that, we are here to help you.

2) Affiliate Marketing



This is one of the most profitable earning options. However, beginners might not get the best out of it. Intermediate and expert level bloggers earn a huge amount of money through this.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a skill-based approach. However, this doesn’t require any formal educational degree. Anyone can learn this process and earn well. This works as a passive income method. Let’s find out how?

  • At first, you join an affiliate program of any e-commerce website.
  • Then you choose a product or service offered by them.
  • A unique affiliated link of that product is generated for you.
  • The generated tracking link can be copied from there and used in your blog.

Now when a reader follows the link and purchases the item, you get paid a commission. Highly-priced items generate more earning. This is the working method of the affiliate marketing program.

You can easily visit some popular websites like Flipkart, Amazon, and join their affiliate program for free.

3) Selling Products And Services

Selling Products And Services

This is the active income source. You are now selling your products or services in this way. For instance, you might sell homemade gifts or food items. The blog will help users to know about your work. They will know about the reviews and then finally they can order from there. This is a very good way to promote and sell your own little business.

4) Online Course


Online Course

Online teaching is a very efficient way to earn money now. This concept is getting more exposure every day. You might have good knowledge of coding, the stock market, or any other topic. Then you can choose to teach people. You can make videos and study materials and sell them in courses. This is also not a very good choice for a beginner. But those who are in this industry of e-learning can surely expand their reach through this.




Memberships are a proven way to earn money from your exclusive content. Here people buy access to your blog. You can either write stories or some other unique content so that people choose to spend money to read. This takes years of experience and expertise in some topics to deliver such valuable content. Still, you can aim for this and start working from now on.

6) Sponsored Reviews


Sponsored Reviews

One of the associated income sources of the affiliate program is product reviewing and comparison. You can review various products like phones or gadgets to household items. You may create a list of essential things and provide your affiliate link with it. So that when people make up their mind to buy that product, they can use your link. It will help you reach to more number of potential customers.

Here are a few websites to find paid reviews/sponsored content opportunities:

  • Famebit (For YouTube channels)
  • Izea Pay per post
  • Tomoson
  • Revcontent

7) Ruing Brand Campaigns

Ruing Brand Campaigns

Brands are often paying popular bloggers for campaigning. They promote their products and services through blogs. It helps them build a solid customer trusted online base. You need to create a loyal and prominent reader base before a brand approaches you directly. So work upon that.

Making money from daily life-related blogs

Now here is one of the most common questions, that can you make money from sharing your life story on blog? The answer is certainly YES. There are several ways of it.

  • Motivation
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel

The main fact is your life must be exciting. You must have a unique story to tell.

Your life story can be motivational, you may choose to share the struggle and effort you put into your life. This will be inspiring to a lot of others. You can use the platform to show your talent. You can entertain people through your blog. This is a free worldwide platform and you can be famous quickly.

Fashion and lifestyle are the most popular content nowadays. Numbers of fashion influencers are jumping every day. If someone has a relevant and contemporary idea about this, then he or she has a great chance to be successful here. Traveling is another great way to get visitors with very own content of travel stories and relevant information. One can add links of products and travel agencies and earn money using affiliate marketing too.

Endless opportunity is there in blogging. You need to be smart and improvise it. Spend time with ideas and find a suitable option for yourself. Work smart, be patient, and don’t ever be afraid of trying new things. Earning money should never be your first aim. In the beginning, you need to focus on your content. Make it more informational and think of adding value to the reader’s life. This will help you get a loyal reader base. Only then implement money-making ideas in your blogs. We assure your success with this approach

FAQ’s about How to Make Money With a Blog

Can someone make a living by blogging?

This is a dream for many to make a living from content writing. Fortunately, the possibility is increasing every day. If you are persistent enough then it is fairly achievable. One must be serious about it and be willing to learn. This is undoubtedly a great income source but doesn’t forget that it isn’t easy. Making money requires hard work and this is no exception.

Refer to the Making Money section for all the ideas of generating revenues. The market is expanding. Implement the ideas and be creative with it. Please don’t promote anything illegal or harmful for your benefit. An honest and smart approach will make you successful in blogging.

How will I receive money from blogging?

You can receive money using

  • Wire transfer for banks
  • Paypal
  • Transferwise
  • Payoneer
  • Coinbase for crypto payments

Make sure to create an account for all of the mentioned payment methods. They are free and you will be available for any type of payment too. These can be used to pay your freelancers or virtual assistances shortly.

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